Our Patients

Over the past 30 years we’ve helped thousands of patients manage their weight and obesity-related health conditions. Here are some of their stories. Of course, no two patients are identical and not everyone has the same results. We hope that their words and advice will encourage you.


I am a 5'5" woman. In April of 2008 I weighed 271 pounds. My excessive weight greatly impaired my quality of life and posed clear health risks for my future. My life was punctuated by awkward moments like the need for assistance to get up when I knelt down, the need to squeeze myself into tiny seats on airplanes and at theaters, always being worried about infringing on my neighbors’ spaces, and never feeling small enough. — M.D.   READ MORE


I weighed 334 pounds when I came to the George Washington University Weight Management Clinic in 2003. I had struggled with my weight for most of my life. Twice before I had successfully lost a lot of weight, once in my 20’s and once in my 30’s, but each time I only maintained the weight loss for short periods of time before gradually gaining back to an even higher level than before. Physically, I felt terrible - chronically fatigued, sweating profusely with even small amounts of physical activity. Emotionally, I felt sad and depressed. — A.C.   READ MORE


My childhood and adolescence revolved around a large extended family, a lot of physical activity and a lot of food. For my big family, daily life was centered on the kitchen and my Italian mother’s excellent cooking; we all loved it! Unlike my slim siblings however, I seemed to have no “off” button when it came to eating. I never felt satisfied with regular portions and almost always ate too much. — J.M.   READ MORE


I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I was a husky child, a chubby teenager, and an obese adult. Over the years, I?e lost and gained hundreds and hundreds of pounds. As identical twins, my brother and I know firsthand about the impact of genetics and weight management. We inherited obesity from our mother? side of the family. Our weights have been up and down, sometimes at the same time and sometimes at opposite times, but neither of us has been able to successfully maintain the losses achieved through a variety of diets and programs. — H.L.   READ MORE


I first came to the George Washington University Weight Management Program 20 years ago. I did well in my first go-round, not realizing then that, in many ways, losing weight is the easiest part of the process. I slowly regained the weight, maybe more, and again managed to hide that truth, even as it played out at about the same pace as the loss had. It? amazing, the manner in which you can look at something that? as clear as suddenly non-fitting clothes and seemingly shrinking seats at the movies and not acknowledge what that means. — R.H.   READ MORE


After years of trying different diets with varying degrees of stamina and often short-lived results and ephemeral success I became aware of the George Washington University Weight Management Program after my thoughtful wife ordered the program’s brochure, which arrived in the mail in early January 2008. In it, there was one particular statement that really stood out for me, because it conveyed a simple and direct, yet profound, proposition: “Obesity can be controlled but it cannot be cured.” — E.O.   READ MORE